Building WordPress on Google Cloud Compute

by Google Cloud Compute

Today I start a series of posts aimed at documenting my journey to the cloud, more specifically Google Cloud, using VM Instances to manage my WordPress sites.

Like many people starting out with WordPress I started with a shared hosting company, this gave me the opportunity to learn what WordPress was all about and how to best leverage it for my needs. But I soon became disappointed by the lack of performance and lack of control over the server I was running on, limitations like object cache and RAM became an issue as I wanted to increase the functionality of my sites. This made me start investigating alternatives, now I’m talking broadly here! there are a great number of IaaS and VPS businesses that cater for specifically for WordPress, the likes of WPEngine and Guru¬†are fantastic services but I was not in a position to afford their services as I was focused on not for profit websites and did not have a client base large enough to justify the cost.


The Cloud

I thought that the best solution would be to go DIY. The rise of the likes of AWS, Azure and Google Compute have made hosting your own servers much more accessible and as long as you’re willing to put in the work can yield some fantastic performance at a fraction of the cost of managed services. So this is what I did…


Amazon Web Services

awsI started by signing up for Amazon’s free one year service which allows for limited access to instances hosted on the AWS infrastructure. My immediate impression? Clunky – it just wasn’t smooth or intuitive enough for me and I found the amount of options and documentation overwhelming. Now, do not get me wrong, AWS and it feature set is very impressive and the services on offer are amazing but I thought that I should try the competition before I settled on AWS.


Google Cloud Compute

google-cloud-platformSo I signed up for Google Cloud Compute, they offer a $300 / 60day trial and you have instant access to any of the offerings for that period, in my mind a better trial already. What sold it? Google has nailed the clean interface and intuitive console controls. Immediately I felt like I was more comfortable with the environment.



Building WordPress on Google Cloud Compute